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Poppy, 18 Feb 2020

Fab place

Sarah, 15 Feb 2020

Fab place

Sarah, 15 Feb 2020

Sweet retreat is very good and there are lots of options to choose from

Ellie, 15 Feb 2020


Courtney, 14 Feb 2020

Hi, my names Sharlie, i am a team leader and me and my team are currently setting up a raffle for the charity Macmillan to raise money, i completely understand that you may be inundated with requests like this all the time. But i was wondering if it was possible for you to maybe send us a raffle prize. If you are unable to thank you anyway for reading this email and i really appreciate your time for reading it. Kind regards Sharlie curtis. P.s here is a copy of the letter that we are sending out To Whom it may concern Macmillan is a cancer support charity and offer their assistance in many different ways in the form of emotional, physical and also financial support. Millions of people are affected by cancer every day and Macmillan try to help these people but doing this costs a lot of money. £221 could pay for a Macmillan nurse for 1 day, this will help people living with cancer and their families receive essential medical, practical and emotional support. In order to raise this sort of money we are holding a charity raffle at the Tall chimney and although the raffle prizes we can provide will be able to make up part of this we were hoping that you might be willing to offer a small raffle prize too. We very much welcome support in this way from all types of business and all contributors names will be mentioned and thanked. With best regards The Tall Chimney management team Macmillan Cancer Support, registered charity no. 261017.

Sharlie Curtis, 07 Feb 2020

Very addictive delicious milkshakes. Absolutely love the milkshakes!!!

Sadia, 05 Feb 2020


Brad, 04 Feb 2020

Lovely deserts enjoyed by everyone. The waffles are the best

Kirsty, 02 Feb 2020

Always nice delivery takes a long time though

Ciaran, 25 Jan 2020

Quick delivery and delicious milkshake!

Ryan Bayliss, 24 Jan 2020


Khadeja, 22 Jan 2020

Good customer service, quality products...what more could you want.

Nav, 22 Jan 2020

One of my favourite places to order from, great munch & service.

Skrybz McIntyre, 22 Jan 2020

Everytime I have had anything form here it's been very tasty. That is why I keep returning for more!!!

Geraldine, 20 Jan 2020

Everytime I've had anything from here it's been very tasty. That is what I just keep coming back for more!!!

Geraldine, 20 Jan 2020

Absolutely amazing food. 10/10 will order again

Jesse, 18 Jan 2020

very good cookie dough

Izzie, 09 Jan 2020

The app don’t actually keep you informed as it got delivered 20mins ago and still saying it’s cooking, also milkshake doesn’t offer cream on top . And wasn’t given anything spoons or cutlery.

Charmayne, 04 Jan 2020

Always lovley

Lisa, 28 Dec 2019

Love this place!

Martinique, 28 Dec 2019

Addictive milkshakes

Sadia, 23 Dec 2019


Owen, 22 Dec 2019

We love your products but rarely get the size drink we ordered. Tonight I ordered a large chocolate milkshake and got regular. It's not the size I'm bothered about its the fact that you pay for the extra but don't get it. It happens all the time. However we love your stuff!

Rebecca, 22 Dec 2019

Always tasty

Aidan, 16 Dec 2019

The deserts were bomb

Ruqaiyah, 07 Dec 2019